Some examples of quizzes built with this application Endless options - Look at the documentation to learn about all possibilities


Graded quiz

  • Examples of single answer, multiple answer, matrix, sequence, matching pairs and short answer
  • Some questions with aside or background images
  • Final score showing points, messages, user answers and right answers

Graded quiz example


Personality quiz

  • Buzzfeed style quiz
  • Auto advance when the user answers
  • Custom final image and message
  • Social share

Personality quiz example

Video showing how to create this quiz from scratch



  • Examples of single answer, matrix, likert scales, rating and long answer
  • Some required questions
  • Send the answer to a database and redirect to a thank you page

Survey example


Weighted quiz

  • Weighted questions (different points for each choice)
  • Required questions
  • Custom final image and message
  • Redo button

Weighted quiz example



  • Questions displayed on video cuepoints
  • Text feedback under the question if the answer is wrong
  • Automatic play if the answer is right

Video example